Spare Parts 
We mainly supply spare parts for easy worn-out parts of air pollution control equipment. And we also provide upgrade service for air pollution control equipment (such as dust collecting system, De-SOx and De-NOx system) and make them to meet current emission standard.Features of our spare parts
1. We can choose excellent suppliers and reliable products from both overseas and Domestic.
2. We can provide technical service and send professional person to the jobsite to give installation direction and training.
3. We can help our clients to upgrade their existed equipment according to their equipment operation.
Scope of spare parts

1. Rapper unit, including tumbling hammer, rapper anvil, shaft, shaft bearing, MIGI rapper etc.
2. All type of CE DE
3. Control cabinet, remote control cabinet, TR etc.
4. Upgrade of ESP

Bag filter
1. Filter bag and cage.
2. Pulse jet system including spray valve, spray pipe, air header.
3. Control system for bag filter.
4. Upgrade of bag filter.

FGD system
1. Upgrade of mist eliminator.
2. Spray system including spray layer, spray pipe, spray nozzle and spray lance etc.
3. Control system for FGD system.

De-NOx system
1. Catalyst such as honeycomb type, plate type and corrugate type.
2. Control system for De-NOx system.

1. Upgrade of fans.
2. Damper, expansion joint etc.
3. Heat exchanger, ignitor etc.