Since our establishment in India in November 2008 by KC Cottrell, our core business remains assisting industrial facilities to meet the standards required for the flue gas emissions – which we achieved by the utilization of our in-house technologies that have been developed over the decades for thousands of applications across the world.

Currently, KC Cottrell mainly serves customers throughout Europe, Turkey, Russia and CIS, the Middle East and Africa. Other projects are managed in different parts of the world depending upon the customer’s requirements. KC Inc. manages projects throughout America whereas KC Cottrell shows their expertise in the Far East and India.Customer Satisfaction is the foremost priority of the KC Green Holdings business.

KC Cottrell India has its corporate office located at Kolkata, and the registered office is located at Gurgaon. The corporate office at Kolkata has been focusing on the overall management of the projects in India and it is also the engineering center which has been focusing on designing plants and enforcing our technology.

KC Cottrell India plays a vital role for KC Green Holdings (KCGH). KCGH has its headquarters located at South Korea. KCGH was established in 2010 by switching over to holding company with a thought of making a strong and efficient business model. KC family group started its own business in November, 1973 by the name of Korea Cottrell Cooperation with its specializations in the environmental industry and consistently contributed to save the South Korean environment, especially in the field of air pollution. Now KC family operates around 20 subsidiaries and branches overseas. Our family have been sharing technical skills, human resources and support and this complete network makes a great synergy which is one of the strongest point of our organization.